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My name is Jacqui and my hope for this blog is to have fun writing  it  and that you will enjoy reading it.  I am going to share my experiences, insights, thoughts, wisdom and giggles! I tend to see the funny side of most everything.


I live in Leeds at the moment,  a large town in the North Of England in a pretty old cottage with ye olde beams and a ton of books.  The countryside is beautiful around here  and the weather mostly sucks.

  Did you note the “I live in Leeds at the moment “? For a security loving Cancerian, I have been a bit of a  gypsy so anything could happen and frequently does. I have  learned never to say never about anything . I truly believe that life is a glamorous and glorious adventure full of endless possibilities and mostly it is!  Sometimes too it is hard and painful and sad  so my mantra is ” and this too shall pass “

I have lived long enough not to need to tell you for how long. Anything over half a century does not need discussing. Age does have SOME compensations. One day I  might be able to think of one :-)

I have two wonderful sons who are nearly as old as me and one  beautiful daughter in law so far.

I am retired which was not entirely voluntary. But there is no need ever to be bored because there are endless jobs out there for no money but countless mitzvahs or merits. I am a Jewish Buddhist see, so according to what day it is I am accruing points by doing lots of voluntary work, to take with me to heaven or for a very fortunate re-birth!

 I have travelled widely and done some really crazy things. I didn’t do anything crazy when I was young ( except get married whilst still almost a  child ) but I have made up for it in my middle age ! l lived in India for a short time  teaching English to very dirty but enchanting children. I then followed that by travelling across South America in a big orange truck for three months so now I can put a tent up in five minutes!  Quite a skill for a JP.  I walked on fire in Wales chanting I CAN I CAN ( I did! ) and climbed a few mountains in the Middle East, both real and metaphorical.

 I have my own radio show called Just Jacqui  on a tiny local station Radio J com. And I write. That is why I am here now so I hope you love to read! I play golf and backgammon too. Another  thing I enjoy is to do courses. Of the self development and or spiritual variety mostly. I always learn something. My professional background was in retail and management  for many years, recruitment and advertising before that, and then  latterly personal growth workshops and coaching.

I  should mention that I have been married twice. So far ……I have kissed a lot of princes who then  turned into frogs but I am still optimistic!  So if you know a wonderful frog ( or are already a Prince ) looking for someone like me, please feel free to contact me!


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  1. David K of Florida Land
    David K of Florida Land at · Reply

    Didn’t think myself a frog! Site looks great. Keep on truckin!

  2. Herb Glatter
    Herb Glatter at · Reply

    If it was possible to bottle your enthusiasm, humor and joie de vivre we would be richer than Coca-Cola. You are a treasure and an inspiration, all the best, Herb

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